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01.07.2018 → 03.30.2018

On January 7th N3 Gallery will launch its first exhibit of the year, “The Order of Painting,” inviting Lu Lin, Shi Haibing, Sheng Tianhong, Shi Yiran, Zhao Yang, and Zhang Meng to participate. Each of the six artists uses their own approach to reveal different artistic aspects of painting. Painting is a traditional artistic form, which has persisted up until the present day as a medium, but its language and means of expression have undergone many changes. So, how would one search for an order or system of painting in the context of the present era? This question is the source for the investigations behind this exhibition.

Painting is an important source of our spiritual life. We may observe a painting’s image, subject, color and composition, and also its rhythm and cadence; we can see style and form, or the artist’s temperament and emotions; we might detect anger and critique, or calm and leisure, and find the rationale behind the artist’s sensibilities; we can discover the artist’s mode of operation and the system for their thinking.

The painter must work hard to fuse all of this together into a single instant, forming an unassailable conclusion that moves the viewer the moment they see it.

The way that a painting can release everything in that instant goes back to the sense of order inherent in painting. This system comes from the painter’s professionalism, as well as their grasp on the pulse of the times. Behind each good piece of work is art history.

In order to capture the characteristics of the times, outstanding artists of each era must create a new system for painting. This must not only be different from the natural order, but also different from the unified, old system of the collective.

Whether reacting with dejection or joy, bewilderment or excitement, for the viewer the moment of encountering a painting is always an active or passive act of self-affirmation, a reconstruction of their inner spiritual world.

With the rapid development of “real” life, intrinsically rooted, unified spiritual worlds are quickly collapsing. Each special individual spiritual world urgently needs rebuilding. Creativity is the only way to start building again.

The exhibit will be on display until March 17th. Before then, the audience may search for their own answers in the “The Order of Painting”.